Our people are our most valuable asset

Yamana is a Great Place to Work

Yamana Gold is a global mining company, employing more than 4,400 employees and 3,000 contractors throughout the Americas. We work intelligently, discovering and transforming the world’s gold resources into value while at all times respecting our people, the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Our leadership, people and culture attract and inspire the brightest minds in the business. We believe all employees contribute to the growth and success of the organization and we strive to provide a work environment where everyone is encouraged and supported to reach their highest potential.

Guided by the highest standards of integrity, diversity and ethics, our operations and offices promote cross-cultural knowledge sharing and the development of operational excellence and best business practices around the globe. We ensure our operations, as well as corporate and regional offices, operate to the highest degree of business ethics, abiding by extensive internal policies. These policies dictate appropriate conduct for a variety of situations and are applicable to all employees.

We strive to be an equal opportunity employer, without discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, disability, ethnicity or religion, throughout all levels of the Company, including the Board of Directors. Yamana’s goal is to employ a strong and diverse workforce that is also reflective of the communities in which we operate.

Recruitment Warning

It has come to our attention that individuals and/or organizations have used Yamana Gold in fraudulent recruitment advertising calls as well as email and text communications. Yamana Gold takes reports of such fraudulent activity seriously and we manage such activities with our legal team. We are taking the appropriate steps in dealing with these issues to prevent individuals becoming victims to fraudulent practices. If you receive a call, text or email from Yamana Gold with instructions to send a reply to an email address other than one ending with, please treat it as a fraudulent recruitment advertising and/or employment offer and forward it to us at If you receive a call, text or email pertaining to a vacant position that is not posted on Yamana Gold’s LinkedIn page requesting payment of fees or personal information or offering a job without having been interviewed, it is a fraudulent recruitment offer and should be reported to us at

Our Values

Our spirit is entrepreneurial, our culture is collaborative, our communication is transparent and our talent is among the best. We are a passionate and innovative team of professionals who are helping achieve Yamana’s mission to mine precious metals profitably and responsibly every day.

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Keeping People

  • Ensuring the safety of people affected by our activities – employees, partners, contractors, and members of communities near our operations – is our top priority.
  • We believe that achieving zero accidents is possible, and we are committed to implementing the training, policies, and programs needed to keep our employees safe each and every day.
  • We understand that actively supporting the physical, emotional and mental well-being of our employees makes Yamana Gold a better place to work which, in turn, fosters employee trust and engagement and supports strong performance.
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Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • Generating long-term value and growing returns is our overriding goal.
  • As entrepreneurs, we embrace innovation, strive for superior performance and the creation of lasting value for all of our stakeholders.
  • To deliver growth, we take a strategic approach to risk; we are open to opportunity, rigorous in our evaluation, and disciplined in our pursuit of resources and returns.
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Acting with

  • Being recognized as trustworthy and reliable is essential to our success. By acting with integrity, respect, and compassion, we build lasting relationships and attract and retain the best people.
  • Strong governance and clear accountability make Yamana Gold a welcome presence and a valued partner.
  • We make sure that communities near our operations share in our success – through direct and indirect employment and local investment – and that they are well-positioned to prosper after our operations are closed.
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Respecting the

  • Treating the environment with care and operating in a sustainable way is integral to earning and maintaining our social license to operate.
  • We recognize an obligation to not only reduce or eliminate the impact of our activities, but, whenever possible, to leave the environment near our operations better than we found it.
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Delivering High

  • Striving to do our best and continually raise the bar in every aspect of mining from exploration to construction through to operation and closure is the Yamana way.
  • We seek to contain costs and increase productivity, while aiming to continually enhance our performance in terms of sustainability and profitability.
  • A commitment to high performance is essential in building a culture of excellence.
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Working With

  • Mining can be a tough business; success at every level – from the mine face to the corporate office – depends upon commitment, persistence, and determination.
  • Yamana Gold recognizes the limitless possibilities created through diversity and inclusion together with hard work and team spirit.
  • We go the extra mile in supporting our colleagues and our communities.

Our People & Culture

At Yamana, we know that an environment that fosters diversity is an environment that brings out the unlimited potential of our people and encourages innovation and organizational growth. We consider our people to be our most valuable assets, therefore we create a work environment that values and cultivates employee engagement and a healthy workplace culture through programs and employee initiatives.

Our team is diverse, highly experienced and motivated to live Yamana’s values every day. This strong and capable team helps drive Yamana’s mission To mine precious metals profitably and responsibly forward, enables us to deliver on our business objectives and continuously seeks ways to improve our work and our operations.

What We Offer

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Total employee rewards that are designed to be fair and competitive

We actively conduct market reviews in the regions where we operate to ensure that our programs are aligned with our overall total rewards philosophy and are competitive in the region when compared to our peers in the mining industry and other relevant industries.

We continuously look to invest in benefits for our employees. In addition to those legally required by each country, our employee benefits include a health plan, a dental plan, group life insurance, disability coverage, a retirement savings plan and variable remuneration. Our low voluntary turnover rate demonstrates our commitment to cultivating an attractive workplace that is aligned with international best practices.

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Training and development

Fostering talent and developing people are fundamental to Yamana’s success. We believe that career growth is important, therefore we provide training and development opportunities that ensure our people can expand their skills, knowledge and experience. We promote a dynamic environment that encourages professional growth, and use tools to provide individual assessment, identify training opportunities and create individual development plans.

Career Opportunities

As a leader in the world’s mining industry, a career with Yamana Gold offers endless opportunity. Our employees are experts in their respective fields, demonstrating a wealth of knowledge and experience. One of our core beliefs is that attracting, developing and retaining excellent talent is critical to being competitive and sustaining a high-performing workforce.

We are looking for diverse and dynamic individuals who can collaborate with our strong team. If you are a qualified individual who would like to join our talented team, we invite you to apply.

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