Why Invest

Why Yamana?

Growth across all key measures

  • In mineral resources, production, cash flow
  • Prudent and disciplined growth
  • Quality and quantity of ounces

Low cost cash producer

  • Amongst the lowest in the industry
  • Commitment to management of capital expenditures, operating costs and cost containment



  • Focused high quality asset portfolio in stable mining jurisdictions
  • High returning internal growth opportunities

Leverage to gold price

  • Gold production unhedged

Proven experience

  • High performing management and operations teams with depth and track record

Well positioned financially

  • Focused on maximizing cash position / cash flow
  • Committed to maintaining maximum flexibility to fund growth

Why Gold? 

Gold is considered a store of wealth. It is held by central banks and individuals as an investment and is considered a safe haven in turbulent economic times as well as a natural hedge against inflation and a declining dollar.

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