Company Snapshot

Yamana Gold has a diversified portfolio of assets providing sustainable gold production supported by a large mineral reserve and mineral resource base. We have industry low cash costs and operations in some of the world’s most stable mining jurisdictions. Yamana offers significant exposure to gold through continued production and mineral resource growth. In 2013 production was 1.2 million GEO and our longer term objective is sustainable production between 1.5 million and 1.7 million GEO

Operating Outlook

Estimated Production (millions) 2014E   
Total gold equivalent production (GEO) (1) (2)               1.4  
Copper production (lbs) (Chapada) 134M  
Expected Average Cost Structure  
AISC by-product cash costs  Below $850/GEO         
AISC co-product cash costs Below $925/GEO  

(1)     Including production from Alumbrera.

(2)     Silver production is treated as a gold equivalent at a ratio of 50:1.


Financial Status (as at December 31, 2013)

Cash & Cash Equivalents                 US$220M
Cash & Available Credits  US$830M
Debt  US$766M                                                
Quarterly Dividend                                             US$0.0375/Share

Capitalization (as at December 31, 2013)

Common Shares Outstanding (basic):               753.3M
Common Shares Outstanding (fully diluted): 756.0M
Options Outstanding:                                       2.7M

TSX: YRI: 8.99  +0.00
NYSE: AUY: 8.31  +0.00