Corporate Responsibility Overview

Yamana's core focus is sustainability and longevity. This includes economic development, community relations, health and safety, and environmental compliance and awareness. Yamana has an integrated management system for safety, health, environment, community relations and social responsibility which involves risk assessment, identification of all legal and contractual requirements, definition of company objectives and targets. The system also includes procedures to ensure that Yamana operates in compliance with its policies and management programs.

Community Relations


Health & Safety

Yamana takes an active interest in the well-being of the communities surrounding our operations. We share the same air and soil, work with local suppliers, hire local employees and build
relationships in the regions in which we operate. Yamana provides various sustainable economic development programs, and as a result, has strong community relations
Yamana seeks to design environmental programs that minimize our impact while maximizing the sustainability of our environment for future generations. Exploring new programs to reduce our
carbon footprint is always a priority. Yamana upholds best practices to manage environmental matters in compliance with local and international legislation.
Creating a safe work environment is the most important aspect of the commitment and pledge we make to each and every employee. Yamana has  rigorous procedures in place to manage health and safety protocols and is continually investing time and
resources to enhance health and safety at all operations. We strive to go beyond compliance and ensure the prevention of accidents at our sites through the implementation of best practices

The Yamana Management System (YMS)

Yamana has a responsibility to all its stakeholders to build and adhere to a strong corporate social responsibility program. In 2006, we developed an integrated management system that governs our activities in safety, health, environment and community relations; the Yamana Management System (YMS). The system involves risk assessment, identification of all legal and contractual requirements, definition of company objectives and targets and includes procedures to ensure that we operate in compliance with our policies and management programs. It was developed based on the following best practices and international standards: ISO 14001 Environment Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, SA 8000 Social Accountability Standard, and the International Cyanide Management Code. The YMS also helps to define corporate goals related to the reduction of natural resource consumption, zero accident targets and certifications. In 2011, standards were further refined and new procedures were added to improve and integrate all existing systems.  The implementation of this more integrated YMS began at a number of our operations and the implementation process will be complete within 24 months.  A corporate cross audit has also been implemented to improve efficiencies of the management system at all mine sites.