Community Relations

Yamana takes an active interest in the well-being of the communities surrounding our operations. We share the same air and soil, work with local suppliers, hire local employees and build relationships in the regions in which we operate. Yamana provides various sustainable economic development programs, and as a result, has strong community relations.

Key Milestones Achieved in 2012

  • We introduced citizens meetings at  El Peñón and hosted four involving 134 stakeholders
  • We initiated the Open Doors program at Mercedes, welcoming 100 members of the public
  • We expanded the Partnership Seminar program to Mercedes with the first meetings occurring in 2013

Open Doors Program

This program aims to establish, in a clear and transparent manner, better communications between Yamana and local communities. Employees and their families, students, mining association members and community representatives visit our mines to learn more about the Company’s vision, values, safety procedures and environmental management policies. In 2012, our operating mines hosted 102 site visits attended by over 1,900 community members, an increase of over 15% in the number of visits.

Integration Program

The Integration program’s goal is to improve the quality of life of surrounding communities by providing support in four key areas: health, the environment, family, and community involvement. The program includes our Integration Day at each operation. Volunteers, in partnership with local governments and members of the private sector, offer services free of charge including medical exams, environmental education and support completing legal documents. Our Integration Days have grown significantly in popularity since their inception six years ago. In 2012, community participation was over 100,000 attendees at our Brazilian, Chilean and Argentinian operations. A total of 61 initiatives in the areas of health, citizenship, environment and quality of life were supported.


Partnership Seminars Program

Our Partnership Seminar program supports projects that contribute to the sustainable development of local communities. We accept proposals to support local education, and environmental, cultural, economic and health initiatives, and provide up to 85% of funding for projects. In 2012 we supported 109 projects, an increase of approximately 5% from 2011. We continue to encourage projects focused on job creation because of their contribution towards long-term financial sustainability.